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We have presented for the major organisations shown below
(Excluding Google) about how to grow ecommerce sales & website leads.


Integrate Your E Commerce Mobile
Marketing Strategy

Using Social Media, Paid Advertising, SEO and Google Analytics

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Beat Your E Commerce Competition

Automated Chat bots are the current and future of e commerce sales.

Facebook have announced their future lies with Messenger development.

Delivering a 24 hour automated solution to your customers to educate and enable them to buy from you is critically important

Why should you focus on mobile SEO? More people visit mobile than desktop visitors now.

Search starts for many on mobile and Google have moved to mobile first indexing, which means you need an e commerce site that not only looks great, it enables sales with the maximum usability.

Yes page speed is critical. Do you have less content for the mobile user? Don’t use Flash, pop ups and make sure the design is ‘fat finger’ friendly. Shorten your titles, descriptions and use structured data, e.g

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Advanced ROI Tracking

Track the customer ‘journey’ through your website pages to checkout, using Google Analytics and take advantage of heat map tracking software to see where your visitors click / how far down the page they scroll.

In addition customise / track your email opt ins to grow your customer database effectively, while being compliant with the latest privacy laws.

Please see the ROI tracking vidoes immediately below.

If you have an offline (& online) store you need to promote special QR coupon offers that can easily be scanned Using mobile in store, to grow your offline visits.

Also explore Google Analytics to see how you can track the positive Impact of your online presence, on your offline sales.

1. Make sure you are using HTTPS on all pages or Google Chrome will show a ‘not secure’ warning message to all your visitors, losing you many potential customers

2. Do not use admin as your password for your admin panel. Many do!

3. Make sure you have regular back ups and do not store CC details on your server unless you are PCI compliant

4. Install a firewall and a proven security plugin

5. Update your plugins regularly or you risk being hacked

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Andrew is super sharp and always on top of the Internet. Highly recommended to facilitate your e-business

Andy Edmonds
Andy Edmonds Ex Senior Director Of Search For eBay

Online Marketing Solutions have been working with Steve Parish – Nature Connect for just over a year now and together, we have upgraded and streamlined our content rich and extensive website.

The professionalism and speed of response to any web issues by the team is fast and proactive.

We appreciate the wealth of knowledge Andrew and team has, and value our partnership.

Steve Parish
Steve Parish

Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Question? Check Out These FAQs

Q1) What are the most important parts of an e commerce website that creates sales? +

1. This is a complex answer with so many parts of an e commerce website that are critical, however the cart / checkout process is a great place to start and to make it as easy as possible to buy your products

2. Make sure your headlines and descriptions are unique to avoid SEO penalties and are written with professional marketing copy

3. Track your search box queries by linking to your Google Analytics to know which keywords your visitors search on so you can see which new products and content you need to add to the site that could grow your profits rapidly.

Also use re marketing wisely by using mobile as the front end promotion with desktop as the ‘back end’, as people start searching on mobile and complete the sale on desktop.

Q2) What tool would you suggest to help identify the best niche for e commerce? +

Two tools that are extremely important and useful are Google Trends and the keyword planner in Google Adwords

Google Trends will show whether your niche is going up or down in the past 12 months and / or 5 years, as well as the local cities here the users are based which is great for location advertising.

The keyword planner will show you the demand by location, by months, as well by mobile / desktop, the competition by keyword, as well as the bid price you would need to achieve to be on top of Google for paid advertising.

Q3) What is the best way to get profitable results for an e commerce store? +

The most powerful and proven e commerce sales strategy is Google shopping adverts , for which there is a little known set up process to maximise your competitive advantage.Also use re marketing wisely by using mobile as the front end promotion with desktop as the ‘back end’, as people start searching on mobile and complete the sale on desktop.

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How To Create Profitable & Trackable Results

Grow Your E Commerce Sales With Proven Strategies


  • Advanced cart abandonment analysis
  • Tracking of buttons and links
  • Site search tracking to discover the content and keywords being searched for


  • Heat map tracking to see which part of the pages are being clicked on
  • Professional marketing copy with emotional based descriptions to grow your sales
  • Advanced SEO, avoiding duplicate content and penalties


  • Professional merchant feed and secret account structure management to gain maximum profits and sales
  • Re marketing to warm potential buyers
  • Targeted keyword research based on 12 months proven history of the demand for your products
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