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Improve Your Cashflow and Grow Your E Commerce Sales & Leads

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Presented_6What Is Website Leasing?

A lease for a website is where a finance company agrees to allow you to make payments on a monthly basis, normally over 2 or 3 years.

The total amount is paid off and you own the website outright.

Cost Effective

The obvious advantage of a website lease agreement is that you don`t need to place a large deposit in advance or pay off a lump sum when the website is complete.

You can spread the payments evenly over a period of time during which the website can be built, including potentially marketing services.

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Tax Savings

You will need to talk to your accountant for professional advice as we are not qualified, however it is possible that you can claim the website leasing costs as business deductions.

You can therefore gain positive ROI, potentially, before you even finish paying for the website on a leasing plan.

Less Risk

With website leasing the opportunity is that you have the maximum amount of time to maximise your leads & sales.

As importantly you can action Integrated Marketing, which means you have multiple strategies that work with each other to grow your sales and leads.

Ongoing Maintenance

When you want technical support available as you require it, you will need a prepaid maintenance package based on an agreed number of hours.

This can be added to the website leasing plan potentially, subject to confirmation from the finance company.

This gives you peace of mind.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many finance companies will allow you to add on additional marketing strategies to the website leasing plan (Check as this is not guaranteed) so you definitely should take advantage of that critical opportunity.

The phrase ‘build the website and they will come’ is still as false as it was when it was created.

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